Welcome to GHR Consulting Services, Inc.

GHR Consulting Services, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based, environmental consulting company founded in 1977 to provide services in the field of energy conservation. Steady growth resulted from our reputation for providing excellent services for good value.

In the 1980’s the firm expanded into the burgeoning area of environmental engineering and management. Since then, our staff has grown to include geologists, hydro-geologists, civil, mechanical, chemical and environmental engineers and other environment scientists. As our staff and expertise grew and evolved, our range of projects expanded to site assessments, environmental permitting, hazardous waste management, underground storage tank investigations, regulatory planning, solid and medical waste management, air quality investigation, site remediation design and more.

Our two areas of concentration in environmental consulting, energy management and environmental engineering, are intrinsically linked in today’s world. Energy efficiency, in addition to saving money, is environmentally clean; it reduces carbon emissions, acid rain and our dependence on fossil fuels. Institutions and businesses benefit greatly from comprehensive environmental and energy management plans. And our experience and expertise puts us in a unique position to provide the services that bring these benefits to our customers.