Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments evaluate liabilities that may be associated with a property as a result of current or past uses of the site and surrounding properties. GHR has extensive experience in determining the potential for contamination at a property, characterizing the extent and degree of contaminants and identifying their source. GHR’s site assessments and transaction screens exceed the requirements of the current ASTM Standard. Realtors, lenders, insurance companies, and prospective or current owners of property benefit by a professionally completed Phase I report.

Phase II Site Assessments

If a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or other information identifies areas of a property or facility that are suspected of having contamination, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is often required to investigate the groundwater and soil. Field activities may include the advancement of soil borings, soil sampling, stream sampling, monitoring well installation, and groundwater sampling. Our technical personnel are well schooled in hazardous materials handling and field safety practices, and maintain their skills through annual refresher training.